Join us for N.O.W.

No Ordinary Weekend (N.O.W.) is an event put on by business men and women with a common interest. We have a desire to share with you what the world’s best-selling book, the Bible, has to say. It’s changed our lives and the importance of this book motivates us to share it with you. We believe the Biblical worldview is not without significance. It is too momentous to ignore-too critical to misunderstand.

What is N.O.W.?

N.O.W. is a weekend where you can come and learn about the bible in a way that does not twist your arm. It will be simply taught and will be understandable for learners as young as age 10.

This is also a weekend devoted to fun, family, and relaxation. On top of that there will be door prizes and so many fun activities. You do not want to miss this opportunity, friends!

About the Guest Speaker John R. Cross

John R. Cross brings a lifetime of experience and learning to N.O.W. We join him on a eight-hour journey through the story of the Bible.

Using video, visual aids and interactive components, John and his team works hard to make content interesting, and no book can be more interesting than the Bible.

When you are done you will know what it says about life, death and life after death. It is a message of hope in the midst of trials. It is the world’s best seller, the most fascinating story ever told.


Enjoy childcare throughout the weekend. This amazing service is complimentary and will be available during all the teaching sessions. We do encourage/welcome children ages 11 and up to join us in the teaching sessions, as they are kid-friendly.

N.O.W. Details

When is N.O.W.?

We currently have two N.O.W. events scheduled:

  • November 8-11 2024 at Camp Caroline in Alberta
  • February 14-17 2025 at Camp Caroline in Alberta

Registration starts in the evening, from 6 to 8pm. (No supper will be served, so please eat before you arrive.)


Here is a sample schedule for the weekend’s activities:

No Ordinary Weekend is an invite only event. If you have any questions, please contact 403-418-5191. In registering below it is assumed you have read and agreed to the following:

  • N.O.W. is fully sponsored. You will not be asked to pay any fees at the camp. You are responsible for your travel to and from camp. If travel is a problem, please contact us.
  • If you have attended N.O.W. before you are welcome to attend again, however we ask you bring a friend(s) that is new to the Bible. Feel free to call Rachel at 403-418-5191 to discuss possibilities.
  • All N.O.W. attendees are expected to be in every Learning Session and attend the complete course. Any exception needs to be approved in advance by calling Rachel at 403-418-5191.
  • In preparation for attending, you are encouraged to download this booklet and read it.

Who pays for this?

All participants attending a No Ordinary Weekend are fully sponsored by generous donors. These donors desire that no one miss out on the NOW experience due to financial lack. If you wish to have a part in enabling others to attend, you can donate here  and leave a comment saying “No Ordinary Weekend”.